About Us

How it all began: Finding purpose in the relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, Bjorn and Eunice went and did what others only wished they could do.  Both were at a point in their lives which allowed them to do what ever needed to be done.  Independent, self funded and mobile, they became part of the East Biloxi Coordination and Relief Center’s activities in the broken infrastructure.  Bjorn stayed a month.  Eunice stayed 2 months and returned 4 more times.  What they saw and learned in total chaos changed their perspectives on life and disaster relief methods currently in place.

From their experience came the foundational frameworks from which RenegAID™ was created.

Who Is RenegAID™?
RenegAID™, born out of the Katrina disaster, is an association of individuals with a vision for innovative humanitarian aid.


Board of Directors

David Chiles, President               contact  bio

Will Chiles, Vice President          contact  bio

Eunice Stime, Secretary             contact  bio
Patricia Pate, Treasurer              contact  bio
Sandy Saffell, Recorder               contact  bio
Bjorn Stime, Project Manager    contact  bio
Daniel Snyder, Media Contact    contact  bio
Josh Graber                                  contact  bio