David Chiles

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David Chiles is currently serving as the President for Renegaid’s board.

His interest in disaster recovery began after Hurricane Katrina. David took the semester off from college and hopped on a Greyhound with a backpack and a hammock, finding his way to the 9th Ward of New Orleans where a crew of volunteers were setting up lodging for volunteer crews pouring in from all over the country. He spent three months building up the facilities for volunteers to sleep, eat and shower, and led house gutting crews on a hard schedule to keep up with the great need of residents to clear out their homes and prepare them for necessary repairs.

David returned to studies that fall, finishing a bachelor’s degree at Harvard in environmental science and public policy in 2008. He completed graduate studies in public administration in 2015 from Missouri State University, and is now a regulatory analyst for a mortgage lender in Dallas, TX

David has developed a growing experience in crisis support and recovery through active volunteerism of homeless counseling, donated food distribution, and affordable housing construction. He is currently a part of Dallas’s Community Emergency Response Team and serving in a more formal capacity to help the community respond to crisis situations.