Our Mission

By producing innovative relief projects and programs, RenegAID™ is dedicated to improving people’s ability to reestablish themselves in catastrophic disaster.

Core Values
Survivors are the primary stakeholders.

We foster preparedness for incomprehensible transformation:
Learning the Language and Skills of Survival.

We learn, grow, and adapt, we are solutions agnostic.

RenegAID™’s Beliefs and Premises
RenegAID™ recognizes that natural disasters create chaos – a condition of complete disorder and confusion. Rapid response in finding those left behind in a disaster and connecting with them is critical in recovery; the mission of disaster relief is to help stabilize and encourage areas to self-heal and regenerate.

RenegAID™ recognizes the value and dignity of each individual.

RenegAID™ recognizes the need to support, associate and partner with other relief groups.

RenegAID™ also recognizes the following:

The survivor arrives in the new reality with only life and unknown potential and must learn all over again how to be.

Receiving a blanket, eye contact and a smile, water and food are powerful gifts of hope that the new reality might become an OK place for the survivor.

Although the survivor continues on, the familiar environment, social/family/financial structure, ways of communicating, sense of wellbeing and body/mind reactions have all suddenly changed and will never return to what was previously known by that person.

Identity is confused. Sense of control no longer exists.

Sleep patterns no longer exist and may be replaced by night terrors. Relaxation is replaced by tension.

Awake time is scattered, not focused.

The human spirit is activated like never before to meet the challenge to personal survival in what has become a hostile environment.

The feeling of loss, grief and fear is overwhelming. Misplaced feelings of guilt are common.

The area hit by the disaster is missing its infrastructure and is unrecognizable even to the local survivors.

Security is gone. There is no safe place.

Both good and bad things happen in the chaos environment while the area tries to stabilize and regenerate.

The individual and the community come face to face with death, dying and mortality.