Past Projects

Hugs from the Heart from Here to Jakarta

In February, 2007, a massive flood overpowered Jakarta, Indonesia’s capitol city.  RenegAID™ worked with 3rd grade children in a Washington State school.  The children learned about Jakarta and then made cards for the children at International Humanity Foundation’s Jakarta center.  The cards were delivered to Carol Sasaki (International Humanity Foundation) via a volunteer in Thailand.

Hope Born of Suffering
(Disaster Quilt)

I met Molly in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, in the days between Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. She was one of the survivors I had come to help.

Then Hurricane Rita came and added ruin on top of ruin. Those of us with the ability to receive sporadic news from the outside world also heard about the devastation of the Pakistan earthquake. It seemed the world was coming to an end.

In spite of the endless devastation, Molly saw the chance to reaffirm that the world is good rather than sit around and complain.

From ruined clothing she pieced together a Disaster Quilt to send to Pakistan as a simple gift with love from our disaster to their disaster.

– Eunice Stime