Possible model for donating bikes in disaster

Based on conversations with bicycle advocates and through multiple iterations, we came up with a potential model for how good quality donated bikes could be collected by community groups wanting to contribute to disaster response, and how those bikes could be sent directly to disaster response organizations who could bring bikes in along with water, medicines, tents and cooking supplies. The bikes could then be used as tools that facilitate disaster survivors being able to shape and guide the recovery process. I gave this 2 minute “Fast pitch” at Global Washington a few years ago about this model for integrating bikes into disaster response.
Here’s a description of how it could work:
Inline image 1
• You hear about a disaster event and feel a desire to help.
• You look select a Hub organization capable of taking your bike to a survivor of the disaster
• You learn which carrier can ship your bike and then
• You take your packaged bike to the service you chose and
• You pay for it to be sent to your selected Hub organization.
• Your bike arrives at the Hub organization’s location and
• They arrange for it to be taken to the disaster site and delivered to a survivor in need of transportation.
I’m sure there are other models out there, too. But in order to have a place to start the conversation about how bikes can be brought in earlier for use by survivors, we offer this idea. What do you think? What’s missing?

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