Disaster Relief Trials – bikes as essential tools in disaster

In the spirit of challenging perceptions of the bike as a toy and encouraging folks to see how bikes can play a key role as a tool in survivor-led disaster recovery, what other cities do you think might be interested in hosting an event like the Disaster Relief Trials in Portland, Oregon? They’ve also started it now in Eugene, Oregon, Memphis, Tennessee, Boulder, Colorado, San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington. Victoria, BC has done something similar, too. Where else might a municipal disaster management office want to partner with bicycle advocacy groups in a “preparedness” program in anticipation of the day when the big earthquake, tsunami, or flood hits? Consultant and bike advocate Joe Partridge of Portland, Oregon was involved in getting the Disaster Relief Trials set up in Portland, so if folks in other cities are interested, Mr. Partridge would be a great person to talk with.


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