RenegAID(tm) Projectsproject 1 model

To promote the concepts of Neighboring in Disaster and Disaster Literacy:

  • Ready-to-Go Bikes (resolving the distribution issue in all catastrophic disasters) CURRENT
  • Children’s Blanket Labels (Hurricanes Katrina & Rita – multiple Indonesia disasters)
  • Messages Project (IHF school in Medan, Indonesia to Pointe Aux Chenes Elementary school in Louisiana (Hurricanes Katrina & Rita)
  • Hugs from the Heart from Here to Jakarta (Jakarta flood)
  • Magnitude 7 Haiti Partnership project (Haiti earthquake)project 2 fams
  • Catastrophic Disaster/Affirmative Response (Education)
  • Partnership Response for Japan (Japan earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown)
  • Comprehending Chaos – A Framework for Understanding Disaster (Education).  PDF Version click here- CURRENT
  • Website blog CURRENT


project 3 tables


RenegAID(tm) Slide Presentations & Other Resources

  • Comprehending Chaos – A Framework for Understanding Disaster (text)
  • Bridging the Disaster Relief Gap
  • Two Languages
  • Talking Points
  • RenegAID. Organization presentation
  • Convene. Strengthen. Advocate. (slide presentation)
  • Convene. Strengthen. Advocate. (video)
  • Fault Line Catastrophic Disaster
  • A Tale of Two Disasters
  • Finding a Model that Would Fit Chaos
  • Two Languages Comparison

project 4 connecting

comprehend chaos


RenegAID(tm) Media

  • Daily News Article
  • Boomerang article
  • Rotary presentation
  • Project specific radio clip
  • Global Washington Annual Conf. Bike project presentation Global Washington newsletter. Interview
  • Global Washington newsletter. Organization of the month
  • Global Washington newsletter.. Migrant Crisis organization position statement